Monday, 29 July 2013

Goodbye Cellulite

That is what most of us want right??  Cellulite can happen to anyone even skinny people. There is a lot of method that can help with getting rid of cellulite but most of them can cost quite a fortune but of course there is also an affordable method which is my all time favourite, Nivea Goodbye Cellulite Gel Cream.

This is my 4th bottles of the product and each bottle will last me couple of months.  I apply it on my outer thighs and buttocks, sometimes belly, after shower every night.  This gel cream is very light and absorbs very quickly. That is one of the reason I love about it, no massage required at all.  

When I was going through my 1st bottle, I didn't take it with me during my 2 weeks holiday due to the weight.  When I came back later, I noticed that there was a lumpy texture on my thighs and I have been applying it religiously ever since.

Friday, 26 July 2013

Skincare Routine

I'm finally back from MIA.  I was telling myself that I must blog today and after a long thought, I think sharing my skincare routine will be a good start. Being brought up in Asian country has given me a big impact on the importance on taking care of my skin.  Before I moved to UK, I have flawless skin. On the first 2 years of living in Aberdeen, I started to develop freckles, now I know some girl would say its cute but to me that is not the case at all.  Anyway, having a good skin is so important and I think no one will disagree on that.

My skincare routine at the moment is mainly Origins.  Origins is a high performance natural skincare brand that uses certified organic ingredients and 100% natural essential oils.  The skincare is formulated without parabens, phthalates, propylene glycol, mineral oils, PABA, petrolatum, paraffin, DEA and animal ingredients.  What I love about Origins is also that they manufacture using a combination of renewable resources, wind energy and earth-friendly practises.

Well, enough information about Origins, let me show you the range that I use.

Planscription is Origins anti ageing range that can help to repair and prevent wrinkles.  I don't have wrinkles yet but I would definitely want to prevent it for as long as I can.  The Brighter By Nature serum is to help to remove pigmentation and even out skin tone but Origins has replaced it with Dr Weil Mega Bright serum which does the same job.

This is my daytime routine as you can see the moisturiser contains SPF.  Like I mentioned before I started to develop freckles is because I didn't use SPF moisturiser back then.  Living in UK has taught me a big lesson on using SPF.  Using SPF not only help to prevent pigmentation but also prevents aging as well.  That's because UV radiation can damage our skin in all sorts of way such as collagen breakdown, damaged DNA, texture changes things like that.

So back to my routine, the cleanser is very gentle foaming that also quite hydrating.  I have dry skin so my skin feels comfortable after using it and even though it cost £25, it lasts ages.  The treatment lotion is a hydrating milky texture and I replaced the top with a pump for easy dispense. I pat the lotion onto my face and it help to keep my skin hydrated for longer through the day .  Next I put the serum on and moisturiser then.  Lastly, I apply the eye cream with a gentle patting around my eyes. My skin texture has become better and more even since I started using these products and I must say Origins is my trusted brand.

Hope you enjoy reading this blog  ^_^